Ativan Rehab For Couples

Ativan Rehab

There are inevitable times when a couple is both under the influence of the substance. When this happens, don’t panic as it’s not the end since you can find a reliable rehab program for couples.

Recovering from addiction is a challenging route, yet it’s never impossible to get sober. In this article, know your options and how couples rehab works.

Ativan Addiction in Couples

The likelihood that a couple will be addicted to a substance is high since there’s constant association and companionship. The influence is very high, and you’ll never know, you could be abusing substances already.

Why is it possible for a couple to be both dependent or addicted to a substance?

  • Oftentimes, they both have an understanding and the same likes or hobbies.
  • Problems in the family can lead to the spouse’s misuse or abuse of substances.
  • Physical abuse in couples is also a trigger for addiction and alcoholism.
  • Couples want to comfort each other, so if one of them is drinking or abusing a drug, there’s a high risk that the other will do the same to show empathy.

Importance of Couples Rehab

Ativan RehabThe strong bond between couples is challenging to break when they are both under the influence of a substance. When you don’t treat this right away, it will be detrimental for both and their children if they have already.

The struggle to recover for couples is great, especially if both of them have decided to go down that path. It’s a self-destructive habit, yet for the couple to be saved, they need to undergo rehab together.

Here are the main reasons why couples rehab is best for treating codependency from substances:

  • It helps the couple correct their bad habits and good communication.
  • It strengthens the couple’s ability to make good decisions.
  • Another chance to handle finances properly.
  • The couple will be taught to handle their emotions and thoughts in the right manner.
  • It helps end codependency from the drug.
  • It helps bring back the sense of accountability of the couple.

Even if only one of them is addicted to Ativan, still, undergoing couples rehab is ideal. For the partner under the influence, they will receive medical assistance from professionals. The other spouse will be taught how to understand and help his partner to recover.

Recovery from addiction cannot be done alone, especially for couples. The partner needs to be there to support their loved one’s journey to sobriety. Emotional support is vital to fuel their commitment to finish the treatment and stay sober for life.

The Process of Couples Rehab

This rehab program is patterned from behavioral couples therapy. It is mentioned that addiction in couples can happen in two ways. One, it could be a by-product of marital problems and a lack of good communication. Otherwise, it could be that one of them is already dependent on the substance, and this causes marital problems.

Through behavioral counseling, the couple can better have quality time and healthy communication. They will be exercised to cherish their time together by doing other recreational activities. A healthy new activity for couples to share their moments and time.

Like in an individual rehab, couples rehab starts with detoxification. Depending on the assessment of the doctor, if the addiction is critical, then an inpatient rehab and detox will be recommended. On most occasions, a medically-assisted detox results in a higher chance of recovery among couples with addiction problems.

For the entire duration of treatment, depending on the rehab center, there are times when the couple will be allowed to be in one room. But if only one of them has a substance use disorder, then there’s a great chance that they will be placed in different rooms to avoid codependency.

But it could be allowed that the couple will be in one room during treatment sessions, yet they will be in different quarters during sleeping hours.

There’s also another option for couples where only one is addicted to Ativan, that is, one will be in an inpatient while the other is in an outpatient program. For a couple of therapy sessions, they will be allowed to be in the facility in one room for the treatment.

You need to ask the rehab center about their flexibility for couples rehab and counseling. This is one of your determining factors whether you want to enroll with them or not.

Ativan Couple Rehab

How Long Will Couples Rehab Last?

On average, the treatment session for couples lasts for 30 days to nine months depending on their recovery status. If the couple shows great signs of sobriety, then they will have a shorter time staying inside the facility.

Once the couple completes their rehab, they will be assessed on their mental, social, and physical conditions. On some occasions, some of them are asked if they would be willing to enter into sober living houses to have a smooth transition from rehab to normal life.

This is something the couple needs to consider, especially for the ones with substance use disorder. If your Ativan addiction is high, you will be advised to enter a sober living house to slowly transition from rehab to normal life in the community.

What to Expect from Couples Rehab?

Rehab treatment for couples involves a mixture of individual and couple therapies and medications. Behavioral couples therapy (BCT) is an important element for the couples’ recovery. Through this therapy, spouses have “recovery contracts” they promise to do for their partner. This strengthens their will to get sober from Ativan addiction.

Also, BCT integrates the 12-step program, so you’re confident that the rehab program is systematic and holistic.

The Best Treatment Time is Today

If you or your partner is suffering from Ativan abuse, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice. Enrolling in couples rehab is your best route to recovery. There will be challenges along the way, yet when both of you are working on it, nothing is impossible.

If you have any queries about Ativan Rehab, feel free to reach out to us. We will help you understand the process and any confusion you have about the program.

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