Symptoms I Need Meth Rehab

Meth Rehab

Are you thinking twice about enrolling in rehab? We understand it’s never an easy decision whether you need to undergo treatment or not for meth addiction. There will be barriers and things you need to consider before you decide to fully engage in treatment. But if you want to gain freedom from substance abuse, enrolling in rehab is your best choice. You will gain access to the proper medical services and equipment that will help you form your foundation of sobriety.

If you have a hard time quitting from abusing meth, that’s a strong sign that you need rehab. The side effects of meth are one of the most life-threatening of all addictions. We are here to help you learn more about the symptoms that you need rehab to recover from meth abuse.

What is Meth or Methamphetamine?

This addictive substance is derived from amphetamine, a stimulant used for treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) categorizes meth as a Schedule II substance. This classification means meth has a high potential of being abused and addiction to happen.

Meth is an illicit drug sold on the streets. It has a shiny white crystalline appearance. Besides being addictive, those sold on the streets are adulterated. It could be that other substances have been mixed in producing those meth crystals.

In terms of usage, individuals have their ways of using meth to enjoy its pleasurable euphoric feeling. Smoking is the most common one, and it gives a rush to the user. Another way is by snorting and injection through the veins.

Meth Rehab

What are the Symptoms of Meth Addiction?

Meth is an illicit stimulant that alters the behavior of a person. A small dose of this drug can bring a rush to your system. Dependence on this substance happens fast due to its addictive potential. How do you know if you are addicted to meth? Below are the common symptoms of addiction to this substance:

  • Being super active
  • Jerky movements on the face. You will see a person twitching or with facial tics, that’s a sign that he is using the drug.
  • Paranoia and feeling agitated
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unexpected mood swings
  • Bad oral health
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Skin sores and burnt fingers or lips
  • Fast eye movement
  • Irregular sleeping patterns


This is another sign that a person is under the influence of the drug. The person experiences anxiety and trouble sleeping for 3 to 15 days. This symptom usually happens at the end of the euphoric feeling of the drug. Once that rush feeling subsides, you will feel depressed and worried about anything.

Tweaking can also lead to hallucinations and the person expresses violent behaviors. When this happens, you need to intervene and convince your loved one to seek help.


The euphoric feeling of the drug is caused by a sudden increase in dopamine. By the time its concentration drops, that’s where the “crash phase” happens. You will feel this moment lasting for 1 to 3 days. During this phase, all you want to do is sleep, crave the drug, and feel intensely sad.

What are the Dangers of Abusing Meth?

The health consequences of this drug are known to be dangerous, but still, many users are abusing this. The euphoric feeling of this substance is due to the increased levels of dopamine in your brain.

What makes this drug more dangerous than other stimulants? The majority of these substances don’t change inside your system, and they stay longer in your brain. They are toxic to your nerve cells, so they can permanently damage your brain for some time.

Once your brain cells are damaged, it can cause erratic shifts in your mood and behavior. Because the nerve endings are damaged, there will be a disruption of communication from the brain to the other body organs.

Behavioral disorders are also likely to happen when you’re abusing this stimulant. A separate therapy will be given to you to resolve your behavioral disorder. Also, long-term abuse of this substance can lead to stroke.

What are the Signs that you need to go to Rehab?

Meth Rehab

Deciding if you need to go to rehab is a crucial part of your life. It means you need to sacrifice your work, school, and time with your loved ones to enroll in rehab. Going to rehab is your last course of action when your substance use disorder is out of control. You need medical assistance to get sober from addiction. What are the signs that you need to go to rehab? Let’s discuss them below:

Meeting three criteria for Substance Abuse

If you look into the DSM-5 Manual, they list down the obvious signs of addiction. If a person meets three of them, that entails rehab treatment. Below are the criteria stipulated by DSM-5 Manual:

  1. Uncontrolled hunger for the drug
  2. You waste a lot of time using the drug
  3. You give up your work and hobbies
  4. Many failed attempts to quit using the drug
  5. Neglecting responsibility at home, work, or school
  6. Health problems due to using the substance
  7. Engaging in dangerous activities like unsafe sex
  8. Increased usage of the substance for a longer period
  9. Gaining more tolerance
  10. Problems with relationships and social life
  11. Painful withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop using the substance

You Prioritize Consuming the Drug

If you have a strong attraction toward the substance, you will be focused more on using it. You will lose time on your hobbies, work, and loved ones. You will feel an insatiable hunger for meth, and this requires professional help.

Frequent Health Problems

Substance use disorder can damage your health. It alters the balance in your body, not to mention there are toxic remnants of those drugs left in your system. When you use this drug for a longer time, the damage done to your body gets worse. You will experience more health problems, and it gets more critical over time.

Financial Problems Arise

It’s also a common problem among drug users to have not enough money for important things in their house. Addiction disrupts your logical mind to spend wisely. You get to spend more on having a constant supply of the drug rather than filling your fridge with food and drinks.

When you encounter any of these signs, don’t wait until you hit rock bottom before you decide to go to rehab. Addiction is a serious problem, and you need medical help to overcome it.

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