How Long Is Gabapentin Rehab

Gabapentin Rehab

One of the common questions asked by individuals before going into treatment is, “How long will my treatment last?”. We understand where you’re coming from, and undergoing rehab requires time and commitment so that you can stay sober for life.

For those with Gabapentin addiction and are eager to know how long their treatment will last, there is no straightforward answer to that. Your treatment duration depends on certain factors like addiction level, the progress of the patient, the presence of co-occurring mental problems, and the will of the patient to recover.

Today, we want to help you understand the process and length of treatment, and how you can shorten it. But take note, the average length of stay inside the rehab will vary per individual. Let’s go over this matter and help you prepare for treatment.

What Factors Affect Your Stay Inside the Rehab?

Two main variables influence your length of stay inside the rehab: insurance coverage and the level of service you need to recover.

Before enrolling in rehab, make sure to read the details of your insurance coverage. If you have confirmed that the rehab center you want to go to is in-network with your insurance company, the next thing you need to know is your coverage.

Rehab treatment duration can last 30, 60, or 90 days. Typically, the longer you stay, the higher will be your expense as well. We understand that going to rehab is not cheap, so you would want your healthcare insurance to pay for your treatment. This is a practical choice, and would greatly affect how long you will be staying inside the rehab center.

If the cost of your treatment already exceeds your coverage, you have the option to pay the excess out of pocket, or you can ask them if they offer in-house financing, or pay later plans. Knowing the payment terms of your rehab facility is best to help you financially prepare for your recovery.

The second factor to affect your treatment duration is the level of care you need to recover. For you to know that you need to undergo an initial assessment. The doctor or recovery specialist will evaluate your mental, physical, and psychological health to determine what level of care you need to recover. If you have been abusing Gabapentin for quite some time, expect your treatment process to last for 60 or 90 days. Some individuals even stay inside the facility for a year because they have to attend aftercare service to reinforce themselves before going back to the community.

How Long Is Gabapentin Rehab

What are the Benefits of Longer Rehab Plans?

There are pros and cons of staying longer inside the facility, yet the benefits always outweigh the setbacks. When you undergo longer treatment programs, you have more time to rebuild yourself into a better you, in preparation for going back to your normal life. There’s no greater joy than to be healthy again and be happy with the people that give meaning to your life. To further emphasize the advantages of having a longer rehab program, here are some of the major benefits:

The lessons of rehab stick to yourself even stronger. When you stay longer, the culture of staying sober becomes innate in you. You naturally stay away from triggers and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you stay longer in rehab, you can participate more in detox and therapies that strengthen your will and dedication to stay sober. You will need this since once you’ll be back in society, you will be exposed to triggers that have led you to the path of addiction. For you to say no and maintain a clean life, you need to have a solid foundation on your discipline and behavior of staying sober.

Another benefit to treasure, you can stay and learn life skills in residential living houses. You will meet different people that have successfully recovered from Gabapentin addiction. You will have a chance to know their stories and use that as a motivator to stay clean.

If you look into any medical reports, you will see that the majority of those who maintained sobriety are those patients who stayed 90 days to a year in rehab. They were able to stay clean for life because their treatment foundation was strong, so they cannot be influenced easily to return to addiction.

What are the Rehab Programs Available by Length of Stay?

Most rehab centers have three kinds of programs by the length of stay: 30, 60, and 90 days. For you to know which one best fits your needs, it will be based on the doctor’s assessment of your addiction level. If your substance use disorder is mild, then having the 30-day program will do. If your addiction level is fatal, then having the 90-day program or even a year would be the best choice.

Now, let’s go over these three types and see what you can expect from each program.

30-Day Rehab Program

This is a good head start for anyone who wants to be treated for Gabapentin addiction. We recommend this for mild cases, and for those who are still not sure if they need to stay longer in rehab. After 30 days, the patient will be assessed to know if they have gone better, or if they need to extend their treatment.

60-Day Rehab Program

With an extra 30 days, you will have an opportunity to better understand your behavior and how you can overcome temptations and triggers. You will also learn more from the experiences of others during group therapies, and your one-on-one sessions will help you reinforce your positive thoughts about overcoming addiction.

90-Day Rehab Program

The longer you stay in rehab, the more you’ll be acclimated with the learning and principles of staying sober. It will strengthen your coping mechanism and motivation to live healthily and stay away from triggers. We have seen many of our patients live healthy lives after completing their 90 days or one-year treatment plan. We have seen a meaningful improvement in their life, and we’re happy to help them recover.

Gabapentin Rehab

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We understand that sometimes, it is intimidating to think that you will stay longer in rehab. But you need to look into the brighter side, which is helping you stay sober for life. Not all have the opportunity to go into treatment, so if the door opens for you, grabbing it would be your best decision.

We hope we have helped you understand the average length of stay for Gabapentin Rehab and what can affect the duration of your treatment.

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