Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Tequila

Drinking Too Much Tequila

This distilled spirit is one of the strong alcoholic beverages in the market, where it goes along with whiskey and vodka. It has an alcohol content of 50% to 51%, and this makes sense that you’ll get drunk after three shots.

So there goes the question, “What are the side effects of drinking too much tequila?”. Well, alcohol is alcohol, and it can certainly disturb your brain, body, and personality.

Let’s talk more about it.

It Alters Your Thinking

AlcoholismIt’s not just tequila, rather it’s all alcoholic drinks that ruin your thinking since it distorts your frontal lobe. This part of the brain is solely responsible for your proper decision-making and reasoning.

The main reason why you’ll say, “I’m fine, I can still drive!”, even after having seven shots of tequila. Consequently, driving under the influence of alcohol is one main cause for most car crashes happening late at night.

Tequila Disrupts Your Mood

Basically, this hard liquor can give you that temporary “highness”, and some would even use other substances to supplement it. However, that momentary happiness won’t last long, and later all your systems are depressed due to excess alcohol.

Conversely, alcohol can also induce depression and anxiety disorder, so if you’re already diagnosed with it, then better stay away from tequila shots.

Too Much Tequila Can Cause Memory Loss

Tequila and other distilled spirits can gradually destroy your hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that’s responsible for storing memories.

Do you remember those times, when you’re blacking out and you can no longer recall what happened to last night’s party? That’s the doing of alcohol in your brain.

Besides, excess alcohol in your system also negatively affects your cerebellum, which is responsible for your stability and muscle control. If you’re feeling tipsy after taking five tequila shots, then your cerebellum is malfunctioning already.

Tequila Can Cause Dehydration and Inflammation in Your Body

Can you recall that you go too often to the toilet when you’re drinking too much alcohol? Perhaps, your throat feels too dry after taking three shots of tequila.

Well, that only tells you that alcohol is a natural dehydrating agent. It’s a substance that causes water to be removed from your body. This trait of alcohol highly contributes to the risk of you experiencing inflammation in your throat and stomach.

If you continue binge drinking, then you’re at risk of gastritis or throat inflammation.

Tequila Can Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Alcohol AddictionCompared to other drinks, tequila has a low calorie content, yet it can increase your blood sugar at the onset. However, too much alcohol can severely decrease your blood sugar level until it crashes.

This is dangerous if you have type 1 diabetes, so you need to consult with your doctor about your drinking patterns.

Once your sugar level crashes, you’ll feel weak and eventually have over fatigue. Likewise, it also leads to mood swings and behavioral disorders.

You’ll Build Tolerance and Later Alcohol Use Disorder

The more you drink tequila every night, the higher is the chance that you’ll have tolerance for it. When that happens, you are more likely to have alcohol use disorder, which is far worse than binge drinking.

In case you reach that point, then don’t hesitate to seek medical help from a doctor or addiction specialist. They’ll help you get a sound advice and treatment program.

Tequila Can Potentially Strengthen Your Bones

It was found out that certain agave tequilana plants can promote mineral absorption in the intestine. The calcium minerals in your stomach are more absorbed by your small intestine due to the components of some agave tequilana plants.

However, there’s still ongoing research about the efficiency of this health benefit compared to the detrimental impacts of alcohol.

Tequila Prevents You From Gaining Weight

This distilled spirit contains agavins which help promote digestion in your stomach. It’s the main reason why you’ll not gain weight that quickly.

However, if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, then you’re most likely to get drunk pretty quickly.

Additionally, it was also found out that tequila has the potential to increase probiotics in your gut, which promotes your immune system.

Tequila Can Weaken Your Heart

If you drink too much tequila, then you’re more likely to suffer from a weak heart since alcohol disrupts the oxygen levels in your body. When you drink excessively in the long run, triglycerides or fat level in your body increases, and this leads to cardiovascular diseases.

Alongside this, your blood pressure increases since your heart need to pump more to push oxygenated blood into all parts of your body.

Tequila Can Damage Your Liver

Whether you’re drinking too much tequila or other distilled spirits, you’re at risk of having a fatty liver or liver cirrhosis. Alcohol is a strong dehydrating agent and it causes inflammation inside your body.

If there’s too much alcohol in your liver, then it can cause inflammation and scars, which can be untreatable in the long run.

Short Term Effects of Tequila

Those mentioned above are the long term negative effects of drinking too much tequila for a very long time. Conversely, if you’re a beginner, then you can instantly feel its short term effects, which include the following:

  • Alcohol AbuseBlackouts
  • Feeling tipsy
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Depressed breathing
  • Stammered speaking
  • Loss of body movement control
  • Foggy vision
  • Euphoric sensation
  • Inability to think well

What Can You Do To Address Your Drinking Habits?

Having drinking problems is a serious matter and you need to address that immediately. A doctor or addiction specialist can greatly help you recover from this unhealthy behavior.

Well, the first step to your recovery is to accept your weakness and that you need external help from medical personnel. You can also find a good rehab treatment center where you can enroll in an alcohol rehab treatment program.

Tequila may have a few health benefits, yet it doesn’t mean it’s good to drink it every day.  Be sure to drink moderately, so you can avoid its health consequences.

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