How To Get Into Alcohol Rehab Without Insurance

Alcohol Rehab Without Insurance

If the only thing that is stopping you from getting treatment for your alcoholism is having no insurance, then you should quit worrying. There are plenty of available options you can take to pay for your rehab treatment even without insurance. Luckily, you can find many affordable rehab treatment facilities online.

The cost of enrolling in an alcohol rehab treatment shouldn’t be a burden since you can avail affordable treatments from many rehab centers. The circumstances could be too tough but as long as you desire to make your life better, opportunities will come to you only if you take the time to look.

How Much Does Rehab Cost

Alcohol Rehab Without InsuranceAlcohol rehab could be expensive considering the cost of medicines prescribed to manage withdrawal symptoms, the service providers such as physicians and therapists, and most importantly, the amenities that keep rehabilitation conducive for recovery. On top of that, rehab requires at least 30 days for treatment and could run to more than 6 months.

However, if you are considering an outpatient treatment, you can expect the cost to be less compared to that of inpatient treatment. Typically, the overall cost of rehab care depends on the type of program you enroll yourself at as well as the duration of your treatment. For inpatient treatment, the cost could reach at least $10,000.

On average, a 7-day treatment can cost around $7,000. Other factors that affect the cost would be the location of the facility and the treatment plan suited for your case. The treatment plan greatly varies from each person and you can expect additional charges when other underlying health problems that require treatment are identified.

Cons of No Insurance

Alcohol Rehab Without InsuranceInsurance is a privilege not many are entitled to enjoy mainly because it is an additional cost that not everybody can afford. However, it can be considered a necessity which is extremely beneficial when emergency health conditions occur. An insured individual can enjoy urgent medical care without worrying so much about medical expenses.

When it comes to alcohol addiction, an immediate medical response is needed especially when cases of overdose or suicidal acts caused by addiction itself happen. The need for emergency rehab care must be sought right away but due to the lack of insurance, this might not be given immediately.

This is a really unfortunate reality because health, which should be given a great value, is compromised because not everybody can afford the cost.

Sign Up For An Insurance

Alcohol Rehab Without InsuranceThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2014 offers the advantage of addiction treatment covered at a low cost by insurance. The quality of care is similar to those offered by private insurance systems. On top of that, it does not treat addiction as a pre-existing ailment, therefore; anyone who suffers from substance addiction upon signing up can still enjoy its benefits.

The ACA sponsors insurance plans available in the Health Insurance Marketplace online. You can also enjoy its benefits even in inpatient treatment. To qualify, policies will consider the annual income that must belong to the federal poverty line as well as the family size.

You can check more about the federal insurance plans by visiting Some states run their insurance marketplace and the coverage depends on the Medicare and Medicaid system. The ACA makes insurance less expensive because of the need-based tax it offers to the beneficiaries.

If you think you are eligible for this benefit, grab the opportunity and sign up for a low-cost health insurance policy that you can use for alcohol rehab treatment.

Rehab Options Without Insurance

An investment in healthcare will bear its fruit in the long run so if you are in an uphill battle against alcohol use disorder, make your treatment a priority regardless of the limited option you have and soon you will enjoy its fruit in the future. There is a wide range of options you can consider to make your treatment possible. Here are a few options to think about:

Flexible Payment Scheme

As soon as you start your search for a rehab facility that can accommodate your needs, make sure to inquire whether they offer any of the following flexible payment schemes:

Installment Basis

Some rehab centers would allow you to make payments according to terms. Paying the full amount may be too overwhelming so a flexible option would be to let you pay for the cost on an installment basis. It is like offering a loan that can let you pay in partial amounts over some time.

Sliding Scale

This option adjusts the full cost of the treatment to make it more affordable to the patient. The adjustment may depend heavily on their capacity to pay, their income, or even their specific needs. This is a great option that makes rehabilitation friendlier even to those who earn less.

Funding Options

Funding options can also be considered for the payment of your treatment. Here are two of the options you can consider in mind:


There are rehab centers that would waive payment of the full amount or partial amount of your treatment as long as you qualify for these scholarship grants. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a government-funded agency that offers such grants.


This option requires your initiative. If you are willing to recover from alcohol addiction, you can sincerely express your needs in public and ask for donations. You may use the GoFundMe platform on social media, or even ask your generous family, friends, and connections to help you achieve your goal.

Factors to Consider in the Choice of Rehab

The cost must be primarily considered in the choice of your rehab options. Do not hesitate to ask for the payment options they offer and explore which offer best suits your capacity. Apart from the cost, you may also consider the nearest rehab center available for you as well as the program they offer if they cater to your needs.

With a strong desire for a better life, you can live an alcohol-free lifestyle regardless of the material expenses at stake. Self-medication for addiction is never a good option. Reach for professional help for long-term sobriety.

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